Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Some pictures for your viewing pleasure

Here are some of Logan's latest phrases:

"I'm talking to you mommy" (If I don't look at him right away)

"Chwokwet" (Chocolate)

"I need...to watch Transformers"
"I need...ice cream"
"I need... I need... I need..."

He just went in time-out about 5 times for saying 'I need'. We are trying to teach him to say, "I'd like to" or "can I?"

Gavin isn't saying anything yet. But he does look cute when he sleeps.

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The Fantasias said...

Dean is in the "I need" phase as well. I don't mind it actually, I think it is sweet how much he thinks he "needs" certain things. He does say "I want" every now and then, which I hate. That's why I don't mind need, it sound less demanding.

Aricka said...

Hey Ashley how have you been? Your little boys are so dang cute. They look like they are getting along so far which is good. Thanks for keeping in touch with us. Sorry I don't write that much I am super busy and I do my blog really fast. So sorry.

Darren and Traci said...

Don't you just love the things kids say? Hopefully since he is a boy you don't get as much attitude as I do with Emmie. I have to try so hard sometimes not to laugh in disbelief at some of the things she says with such sassiness. Your boys are so cute.

Amie said...

Gavin's getting cuter and cuter! What fun things Logan says!

Jenna said...

Time out for saying 'I need' but not for pooping and peeing in a bucket?? :) So funny.