Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Christmas came early

Gavin is already using his Christmas present.
His Phil & Teds MeToo high chair.
This was my compromise with Ethan since I orignally wanted this chair.
Ethan said this one was good because it fit better in our small kitchen, and it was less than 1/2 the price of the other one.
Isn't he cute?
Logan would get under the table and tickle his toes and Gavin would just squeal. It was really funny.


tiff snedaker said...

That is SO cool! Do you worry about it falling? I assume it doesn't dent your table?

Amie said...

well, it IS better than the horrid orange in the other one (sorry), but these chairs always make me nervous! I'm always afraid the kiddo's gonna fall! Good luck with the not falling.

The Bluths said...

It has pads under the metal parts so it doesn't dent the table. It also has straps so the kiddo can't fall out. (He's not wearing them in the picture). It can hold up to 37lbs so I'm not worried about it not being able to hold him.

The Fantasias said...

That's so funny, I have that same exact highchair and I NEVER use it. Haha. I loved the look and idea of it originally but realized it is a giant pain in the rear to clean compared to other highchairs. I hope you like it though, you probably aren't as lazy as me when it comes to cleaning maintenance. (wink)

Oh yeah, and mine was always fine in regard to tipping the table so long as it was a four-legged style (just not a center-base table because we tried that once and it started to tip the second we put Dean in).

mellancollyeyes said...

Whoa! That chair is insaaaane!