Monday, March 16, 2009

Not biting Zoe

She may not bite anymore, but she's not perfect...yet.

Our next issue to work on is her over excitement around people. Anytime someone new is around her, she jumps all over them. Not cool with me. She also licks a lot, which I prefer to biting, but it is still annoying. She sure is smart though, knows how to sit, lay down, balance a treat on her nose, and leaves the kids toys alone (for the most part). We have a lot of expectations for her and since she's a dog and not human we can make her live up to them :) Ha!


Grandma Wynn said...

Yea Zoe! Yes, my phone still works. That is weird. Is it going straight to voice mail? Try again......Or I'll call you if I don't hear from by this afternoon.

Steven Shepherd said...

Time to change your training focus for Zoe.