Sunday, March 15, 2009

Our weekend

Ethan was super husband this weekend. He watched 4 kids all by himself. Our friends got to go to a resort for a night so they dropped their kiddos off at our house on Friday. I had gone to a Temple sealing for a couple in our ward (which was really neat to see) so I didn't get home until they had all gone to sleep.

Saturday morning we had a garage sale (made $53) since our whole neighborhood was having one. Then I went to a baby shower, leaving Ethan with the kids again. He did a great job.

Just some random pictures last night. Logan learning how to brush his teeth. I can't wait till he does this on his own all the time.

Then he wanted to take some pictures. Here is his picture of me.

Ethan being super dad again, made chocolate chip pancakes for us this morning (like he does every Sunday). Logan and Gavin were watching Veggie Tales.

Zoe really wanted a pancake.
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Steven Shepherd said...

It looks like Zoe is as big as both boys now. Maybe not as tall but just as big.

Ash said...

yeah for super husbands! I had the chance to have that while all of us were dick but Rich. He was great!

Ash said...

I mean SICK!! I just got home from a long drive and the s is next to the d on the keyboard.....many appologies!

The Biancamano Family said...

Im so glad you could come to our sealing! Sounds like Ethan did a good job too!!!

Lois said...

Wow!!!! you really do have a GREAT husband. I'm proud of you Ethan.