Sunday, May 24, 2009

Blood and baths

Ethan gave Gavin a hair cut tonight while I distracted him with marshmellows, even though he didn't eat his dinner...

Logan spit out his asparagus so he didn't get any treats.

Ethan missed a spot so he followed Gavin around trying to cut them.

Logan cleaned up his room.

Is that a messy face right after a bath?
No, just blood stains on the corner of his mouth.

Poor Gavin was standing in the tub, slipped and bonked his front teeth (yes I made that plural, he has 2 coming in). There was blood everywhere!

It freaks me out when kids hit their teeth.

He's okay now.
Thanks to my giveaway win (baby orajel) :)

Zoe is in her favorite spot, right by my feet while I type this.

She's worn out from playing with her Lightening McQueen car.

I swear she has been Dr. Jekel and Mr. Hyde this week.

My primary singing time went well today.
The kids seemed to like me cutting the Bishop's tie and his counselor's tie off.
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Jenna said...

Oh poor Gavin!! I hate teeth bleeding, it's always scary because it's so much and you always wonder what damage has been done.

tiff snedaker said...

Gavin looks so much older with his little haircut. Very cute. The bonk in the bathtub sounds like it hurt! We've had LOTS of those with Chandler, alas his front teeth are dying, but none with Rowan, knock on wood. It sounds like you had a cute idea for singing time :)

Shelby said...

I love your singing time, and Dallin who usually is quiet on the way home from church was telling me all about it (not knowing I had been in Jr. primary)
I hope Gavin's teeth are ok. When Cami was little, she hit her baby teeth and it made them dis-color. (not to scare you) :)
Hope your having a good memorial day!

Herbert Family said...

Caviston had so much fun on Sunday and thought it was so cool that you guys cut the tie:-)

Mark and Jessica said...

I'm glad that Gavin has recovered. It's always scary when they hit thier mouth because there is so much blood.

I also have to agree that my kids LOVED your singing time. They're waiting to see if the bishop shows up with a short tie next week because "it was his last one"