Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Card swap, but wait, there's more!

Have I told you I am in a card swap?

5 girls make 5 of the same card.

Then we swap.
These were last months cards.

The theme was 'Thank You'
Aren't we so creative?

Which one do you think was mine?

This month the theme is 'Masculine with no salutation'.
These are the ones I made. I'm very happy how they turned out.
So whoever gets them can put whatever salutation they want in the green spot.

Zoe is growing up.
-Hasn't bitten in months.
-Wants to play or lick all the time.
Common phrases around the house:
-Stop licking
-Get out of my face
-Out of the kitchen
-Back up

(And scratching of the ears and belly here and there)
She likes to stretch out.
In other news:

-Gavin has been working on getting both his top teeth in.

-Logan is acting out every super hero that comes to mind.

-Logan and Ethan are going on a father/son camp out this weekend which Logan is VERY excited about.

-Ethan and his boss won (not sure if that is the right word) a very important bid on a job at work. It was VERY good news.

-I'm still pregnant and not feeling a thing. Whoo hoo for me.
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Mark and Jessica said...

I love the cards! If I needed another thing to keep me busy (as if!) I'd do a card exchange - that is a great idea.

Congrats on Ethan (and Eric) getting their bid accepted. That is GREAT news! YEAH!!!

Sound like great times at the Bluth household. Thanks for sharing.

Jenna said...

Love your cards, can't wait to see what everyone else comes up with. Zoe is getting so big, incredible. What superhero is Logan today? :)

Torrie said...

Logan was Syclops while he was at my house today. Logan told me that he was going camping with "Ethan" I said, "your dad?"
"No, Ethan"
That super hero of yours sure cracks me up.

Anonymous said...

That is good news all around. The cards are so creative, you are very talented. Congrats to Ethan on the job bid coming in and Zoe looks enormous! Gavin will be able to eat "corn on the bone" soon and Logan is too young to call his dad by his first name! Funny boy. I bet they'll have a great time on the camp out.(Blu Gramma)

Shannon said...

Very cute cards!!!
Is yours the third one on the top row???

Malie said...

Those are cool cards! I'm not creative in that way at all. Congrats on the pregnancy. I didn't realize you were expecting.