Saturday, May 9, 2009

Father/Son campout

Ethan took Logan camping with the ward Friday night.

To say Logan was excited would be an understatement.

I requested pictures, this is what I got.

Our pop-up being put to good use. (Plus I get to park in the garage while it's gone!)
On a spur of the moment I suggested we go to the splash park after dinner. So what if it was 7:00? It was still 94 degrees outside.

Zoe liked it.

I got to wear my new swimsuit for the first time :)
Like how Zoe is stepping on my foot? Typical.
Gavin's first time out in water.
While the boys were camping, Gavin and I went to garage sales this morning.
I bought 4 shirts and 1 pant for Logan.
I set them on the couch...
Got in the shower...
Came out and found that Zoe had chewed a hole in the back of one of the shirts!
Her first destructive behavior as a puppy.
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tiff snedaker said...

I LOVE your new swimsuit, super cute!

Anonymous said...

The camping pictures are great, it's a pretty place. I hope Logan got to play with little friend Ethan. I love yard sales, I used to go all the time, not so much anymore. Looks like fun at the splash park, a nice place to cool off.(Blu Gramma)

The Fantasias said...

Love the suit. You look great, as usual. Is that a modbe?

Lois said...

Looks like great family fun together.
Father & son camping out is so good for both of them. "To getherness?"
You look cute in your new swimming

wittygal said...

Looks like fun! I wonder if Jeremiah has Fathers and Son pictures. I should ask!