Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Some videos

Gavin loves to play on our bed. He was giggling and flopping himself on the pillows and when I went to record it he had just dropped something behind our bed...there are many small toys behind our headboard and we're too lazy to try and get them out.

I took Zoe and the boys to the park. It was hot. Luckily they had the sprinklers on.

And this last one I just took. They are still going at this.

Oh and I just have to add this because it was on my mind and I never mentioned it before. When we were at the coast in Oregon Logan referred to the waves as "water hills". Pretty good description don't ya think?


Jenna said...

Logan is always really good at describing things, I think he gets that from you! I love them in the tunnel, too funny!

Jess said...

I was cracking up during the tunnel video! Gavin really enjoyed just Logan do all the work and beng rolled all around. looked like fun!