Monday, August 10, 2009

Win it

When I really want something, I'll blog about it. So here goes:

Babes and Kids review is giving away a pair of Good Karma squeaker shoes. I've seen these around and they look really cute.

P.S. I won that smelly washer stuff I blogged about earlier, and I also won this!


tiff snedaker said...

i love it. Totally worth entering everything. I do it myself and have won some cool stuff.
I think the reason that you were having problems with the Good Karma site is because you have to scroll down after searching for a shoe. Not sure why their site does this, I e-mailed my contact rep about it....
See if that works for you.

Jeremiah and Heidi said...

If you don't win them. You can get them on ebay for about 10 bucks. A friend of mine had a pair for her son. They were fun, got on my nerves after awhile though. Good luck, hope you win.