Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sunday, that's today!

Today was a good day.

It was my first day back in Primary from being gone on vacation for 2 weeks.
I used a couple tricks that I learned from the chorister in Ethan's parent's ward and I think they liked it.

Logan helped daddy decorate the pizza while I was at choir (at least I made the sauce and the dough). Ethan always rolls the dough out for me when we make pizza.

I thought this was cute; Logan trying to balance a treat on Zoe's nose.
She is so good and will listen to him as well as us.

I never posted pictures from our last card exchange.
Not that many of you care, but I know I go searching on blogs for card ideas so maybe someone will come to mine too.

Our last theme was happy birthday and this past month was baby. We had a mix of baby girl and baby boy cards. Click on the picture to make it bigger. Mine are the top 2 corners,

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Anonymous said...

Love the pic of Logan rolling out the dough. I have one of Ethan rolling out cookie dough at about the same age. Zoe looks like a devil dog with glowing eyes. The cards you made are sooo creative!

Jenna said...

TASTY....yes your new tricks were definitely successful since Cyrena showed them off at dinner.

Amie said...

some great cards in there!

jaordyna said...

So you're the chorister now? That's a demanding calling! i'm sure you do great. Nice cards. Lots of cute colors and designs!