Tuesday, April 27, 2010

ebeanstalk.com review

Ebeanstalk takes pride in only having the best and most unique toys on their website for you to buy. They have a team of child experts test out every baby toy before it goes on their website. That way, you know you are getting only the very best learning toys available!

I came across this website that has a really neat idea: Why send a toy when you can send a year's worth of development? Every 3 months a new toy arrives expertly-matched to the stage of the child's development.

ebeanstalk.com has different categories for this gift series. I think if I did this I would do the 'Mom's Choice Grow & Learn Series'.

Isn't that an interesting idea?

I love any website that has a clearance section and this one is no exception.
I didn't really like how the home page looked. It looks like a spam page to me, (but it's not.)

Go check it out, I will be doing a review soon of one of their products!


Jenna said...

looks cool! how'd you get involved in this one?