Monday, May 3, 2010

Family night at Uhaul

Logan picked what we did for Family Home Evening tonight.

He chose to go to the Uhaul facility.
Ethan hoped he would realize how boring it actually was.

Logan thought it was amazing.

They got Uhaul piggy banks,
rode in an elevator,

ran down long hallways with doors!,

and got to stand by a cardboard cutout of a poice officer.

To an (almost) 5 year old, this was super cool and fun.
Then we went to McDonalds to play at the playplace and have ice cream cones.
Before bed we read about Lehi's vision and Nephi building a boat.
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Barry and Jessie said...

That looks like a blast! Your kids are so cute, and I loved Jane's dress on Sunday! :)

Steven Shepherd said...

Waht a Hoot! Logan knows how to have fun! Dad (Ethan) on the other hand, needs to learn the simple things in life are the best!!

Rachael said...

looks like fun!

Jenna said...

You actually went! That's awesome, too funny.

the McLaughlin's said...

I'm glad you said Logan had fun because you can't really tell from the pics. He looks like he is all buisness about storage:)

Anonymous said...

That boy has an interesting idea of what constitutes fun. How did he even know you could tour a U-Haul facility? You should get a cut-out of the security cop for his room!

Brooke said...

That is hilarious. I love the picture with the funny!