Sunday, May 16, 2010

Flower girl

While my mom was here she helped me plant some flowers by our front door. I remember going to the nursery with her back in Minnesota picking out plants and flowers so this was fun for me to do this with her again.

Jane had on a new dress (Sams Club) and was too cute to not take a picture. Plus I straightened my hair by myself for the first time.

Ethan and Logan went on the father/son camping trip this weekend. They had a blast. Someone brought up a tiny motorcycle and helmet that Logan was in love with. Someone else rigged up a zip line from their jeep to a tree. I guess they got going pretty fast.
Logan on the zip line

Logan colored this picture Sunday morning, we thought it was pretty good.

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Jess said...

The flowers & the 2 girls behind them are gorgeous! Picking out flowers is probably my favorite kind of shopping. Flowers make everything better!

And that IS a really well colord picture by Logan! Way to go Logan!!

Hunnie said...

I really like your hair! Wish I could go both curly and straight!

Anonymous said...

Love the flowers. Wish the deer didn't always eat mine. cute dress and nice hair. Logan is great at coloring, inside the lines even, good job! It looks like you guys are destined to get a little dirt bike at some point. Logan looks so cute on it. Glad the guys had such a good time.

Shannon said...

Love your hair! Jane looks so cute too!! She's growing so fast.

Jenna said...

You both looked beautiful today. The campout looks like it was FUN! And Logan is an amazing colorer, he's got art in his future.

*lindsey said...

Your hair looks great! I really like it straight :)

Barry and Jessie said...

All your kiddos are so cute, and I loved your hair today, but I think it looks great both ways!

Davis Family said...

Hey Ashley! Got your comment. That was the easiest clip to make.
Step 1- pick up a package of the crochet looking flowers at Joanns
Step 2- cover aligator clip with grosgrain ribbon
Step 3- glue the flower on top
Voila! (ps- when Kaylie was a baby I glued a little bit of that that non slip grip stuff that you buy for your kitchen drawers onto the aligator clip to keep her hair from slipping out.)
I love finding already made embelleshmints at the craft store (patches, premade flowers, etc.) so that I don't have to do much work.

Rachael said...

Good job straightening your hair? You are crazy. Jane is sooo cute and looks so much like Logan!