Saturday, November 6, 2010

Jane took her first steps!

I was helping Jane practice standing by herself today and she took 2 steps towards me. Not much, but they are officially her first!

She also went to her 1 year check up this week.
Weighing in at 17 lbs 15oz

The doctor wants her to be 20lbs by 15 months.
In comparison at 12 months:
Logan: 21 lbs 13oz
Gavin: 18 lbs 15oz

And just for fun, a video of Zoe. She really has turned out to be a good dog. Anyone remember the hard time I had with her as a puppy? yeah.


Shannon said...

Ha! She's cute!

Jenna said...

Way to GO Jane!! Now to work on some hair....

Miss Bear said...

Yay Jane!! Those are some darling first steps! :)

Stephanie Watkins said...

Congrats on the steps!
Ellis weighed UNDER 16 pounds at 12 months and didn't hit 20lbs until she was 19 months and my pediatrician wasn't worried at all. Jane looks healthy an beautiful, so don't stress about it for sure.
Good luck chunking her up though!