Sunday, November 14, 2010

Movie night

Ethan took the cub scouts camping so it was just me and the kids on friday night.

I rented "How to Train Your Dragon" and got McDonalds and we turned off all the lights, got our pjs on and had a movie night in the living room.

I have this picture here just to show you Logan. He was invited to a Birthday party on Saturday that was Batman themed so he insisted that he wear his batman costume. No one else was dressed up.

See Jane's dimples?
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Jenna said...

I LOVE movie nights and fast food! :)

Natalie said...

Movie nights are my family favorites too! Fun times and good movie choice!

Anonymous said...

A Batman theme birthday and nobody was dressed up? Logan knew what to do. Cute pics, the movie night looked fun, we'll have to do that next time we come for a visit.

the McLaughlin's said...

We did that exact movie night last month when Bry was in Atlanta. Complete with McDonalds and How to train your dragon. I even have a pic with all three kids in pj's on the floor with blankets and pillows. Great minds think alike i guess:)

Lois Shepherd said...

What a great, fun evening with your children. Gaven is more interested in the movie than Logan is. It is great to spend time like this with the little ones.