Wednesday, February 9, 2011

15 month check up

Jane Bluth
Weight: 19.2 lbs (3rd %)
Height: 30" (30th %)
Head: 47 cm (77th %)
Oh my goodness, worst doctor visit ever!

She's been to the doctor before and yes she's cried during shots, but that's too be expected. This time she screamed bloody murder when I went to lay her on the scale to get weighed and clung to my shirt like I was dropping her off a cliff. Then she screamed some more when her head got measured and her temp taken. What was that all about?

We get back to the room and I wrap her in her blanket and she is satisfied...until the doctor comes in and just him looking at her sets her off.
Then Gavin (who I have in tow) decides to lay on the ground, which I thought was unacceptable so I tell him to get up.
He doesn't.
I try forcing him up which was hard since he was limp noodle and I was holding Jane, so the doctor had to pick him up and put him in the chair.

What is wrong with my kids?!
That was so embarrassing for me.


Natalie said...

haha...sorry for laughing, but I know those moments! Kids are just the best at making you feel like an AWESOME mommy!

Anonymous said...

Comes with the territory. You know that Dr. has seen it all and your kids aren't any worse than any others and probably better than most. It's just the Mom in us that want them to be perfect in front of others.

Jess said...

Eh...just walk it off. Everyone has bad days, even kids & usually when one is having a bad day it rubs off on the others as well. Does that mean Gavin shouldn't get into trouble? No, but thats because its a chance for him to learn. Will they behave better next time? Maybe, maybe not. It doesn't mean they are bad kids just going through a phase. And Jane is one now, and your first girl. McKenna's separation anxiety at age one was off the charts.

Remain calm, breathe in & out & have a little chocolate. It helps! ;) Trust me.

Sending you lots of love & (((HUGS))) Ashley. You are a fabulous mom. You are doing a good job & kids are kids.

Darren and Traci said...

my kids start out really good at the Dr but by the end someone's yelling about how they have to poop, this would be Eliza, that is her new way of trying to leave somewhere. Someone is opening the door trying to make a beeline for the exit every chance they get, that would be Allison. And someone is whining about how it's so not fair that they don't get stickers even if we're not there for her, that would be Emmie.

Oh and last time we were there Eliza broke into their break room while I was getting coats on the other girls and drained their water tank thingy all over the floor before we tracked her down

I would call your trip a success :)

Shannen said...

No, it's totally only your kids. All other children LOVE going to the dr. ;) Hahaha...your story brought back so many "happy" memories. Riley would scream during the weighing as well at every single appt. I also wondered what was wrong with her. Glad to see I'm not alone. Gotta love kids - they're so predictable in their unpredictability.

Jenna said...

Oh NO, I know how awful that is! At least it's Dr. Serrino and he's such a big teddy bear, he didn't even care I bet! I bet you're already laughing about it right??? And I don't believe Jane's in the 3rd percentile, I've seen that girl eat!! :)I saw you called today, sorry I missed you. I'll try to give you a call this evening since I am leaving for activity days now.

Miss Bear said...

I bet he sees that all the time!! At least it wasn't that grumpy receptionist up front in the room with you...:)
Doesn't Jane L-O-V-E donuts?? I'm jealous she can pack those away with no regrets! :-)

Travis and Heather said...

It's been a long nuf time since I caught up on your blog. How the heck are you? Dr. visit blues....boy do they suck. I try to tell myself surely my boys can't be the worst they've seen. I have heard some pretty fantastic Dr. stories.

tiff snedaker said...

That's exactly why I don't have another baby right now? LOL Going anywhere is a nightmare. If one of my boys was laying on the floor, I would have just let them, especially if they were being quiet - it's worth it to me.
Cute pic of Jane at the top. Weird that she's 15 months.

Amie said...

aww I've so been there! You'll have your up and down days for sure. But this phase doesn't last forever! :)

thesvancaras said...

kids are the bests. lol

Rachael said...

lol that is cardon everyday for me!