Friday, February 11, 2011

Go ducks / Dent

Remember Jane had her Dr. appt? I mentioned to the Dr. that she has this dent on her forhead from bonking it on the tile when she was crawling and it never went away. It was worse, but he said it might be permanent.

Jane enjoying her first sucker.

The dent

And Ethan's new ride with his logo and new plates. He's pretty proud of them. So I went and bought myself a MN sticker.
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Natalie said...

It will be interesting to see what happens with the "dent"...that is crazy how well you can see it!

Jenna said...

Jane's dent will give her character...I keep forgetting to tell you that I see Minnesota plates around here ALL the time. I don't remember seeing as many in the West Valley. But there are a lot of Minnesota snow birds here.

Anonymous said...

Jane can make up all kinds of stories to explain the dent when she gets into school. All the kids will want dents! Love Ethan's plates. He couldn't do it here, all the possible ways to cheer on the team have already been taken.