Sunday, October 2, 2011

New table and house update

Remember a couple months ago I bought this table on craigslist?
It sure was ugly, but I saw potential.
While I was in NY this past week, Ethan got to work on the table and chairs. We had already recovered the cushions (in my orange IKEA curtains) so he had to patch a huge gash in the table top and paint everything. This was a MASSIVE undertaking, which took 5 days.

We bought the Rustoleum Cabinet Transformations kit to do it.
And he's so handy that he added wood to the sides of the inserts so they would match the whole table.

The only thing left I need to do is paint the little metal pieces on it. I'm thinking a gunmetal color.

Our house is pretty much done!
We close on Friday.

I'll update about Zoe later.
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Natalie Smith said...

I love the table. I would love to have it. Orange is my pop color in our house :)

Jessica P. said...

I love how your table turned out! And I can't believe your house is nearly finished, I'm going to miss you so much but am so excited for you guys!!

Rachael said...

Woo hoo! That table looks amazing! Update on Zoe?!

Amber said...

Love the orange on the chairs. So exciting about your new house!

Herb Koguchi said...

The table looks fantastic. You transformed that into something that any home-owner would be proud of, and it's now a wonderful piece inside your home. Cheers to that!