Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Zoe and other stuff

Well I said I would update on Zoe.
Ethan and I had a talk and decided that she needed to live with my parents because we just weren't treating her well. The kids didn't like her and she was always getting yelled at.
So I flew her to NY where she is literally in a better place.
See my parent's blog here: lostshepherd for pictures of their Doberman Magi and Zoe playing together.

Jane came with me to NY and my dad made this amazing doll house for her that we brought back with us.
I dug into some of my old toys at their house and found my Wish World Kids. Anyone ever have these? I loved them and they are perfect for the house.
My mom and I also made lots of pillow cases. This is Jane's first pillow.
And last but not least, my AFAA certificate saying I passed!
It said I got 7 wrong on my written exam (out of 100), so that's pretty good.

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Jenna said...

I LOVE the dollhouse, and the pillowcases of course! You always get the cutest fabric. I'm sure Jane's excited about a pillow!

Natalie Smith said...

Congrats on your exam :-)
I love the the doll house.

Steven Shepherd said...

Well done on the Certificate! Now go out and make it work for you!

Ps: zoe doing great. She has relaxed and loves the woods!

Anonymous said...

Love, Love, Love the doll house! What a wonderful gift to give a grandaughter! I'm sure she'll get many years of fun with it. Congrats on your official certificate.

Anonymous said...

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