Friday, October 14, 2011

Our new home

Here are the kids on the day we closed.
We were waiting for Ethan to get there. He didn't want us to go inside without him because of our tradition of him carrying me over the threshold :)
We sure have had a case of bad luck lately. And pictured is one of them, or should I say NOT pictured. We've been in the house a week without our couches so this rug has turned into our lounge area.
Logan's been busy at cutting out things and making inventions.

Our new bedroom with lots of room!

My friends Jenna and Torrie came by yesterday with all their kids. It sure got loud in here, but was so much fun.
The garage awaiting for things to be put away. I was working on painting the kid's toy boxes.

Jane's room and she's now in a toddler bed. The first 4 days she got up before 6:00 so I have a blanket and pillows under her bed that I would lay on until it was a reasonable hour to wake up.
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the McLaughlin's said...

I want to kiss Jane's cute face in that first pic. She is so cute! The boys are super cute too, but her little smile in that one is darling. And I love Logan sitting at the table cutting paper. That is the scene at our house many days a week. Jake just got an oragami(sp?) kit and small folded cranes, balloons,and wallets are taking over our house.

Anonymous said...

All these thes pics are sooo fun! The house is looking warm and "lived in" Can't wait to see it. Hope your couches arrive today. The pic of the kids on the doorstep is just so cute you should enlarge and frame it to put in your entryway. Jane has such a cute expression.

Jessica P. said...

Love the house and bummer about the bad luck lately! I hope you get your couches soon!

Natalie Smith said...

Oh how fun to be in the house. It looks beautiful.

Steven Shepherd said...

Where's the dollhouse?

Jenna said...

I love that first pick, such a typical kid picture! I'm so happy you're in, your luck will change soon--count yourself lucky to have beautiful new house--everything else will work out.

Shannon said...

So exciting! Sorry about your furniture issue, it will all work out! :) I would have been upset though too! Enjoy decorating your new place!

Miss Bear said...

I bet you are having so much fun in your new house! It is darling, and will only get cuter as you continue to put your touches in it!! have a place to sit now (or very soon!!)